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Winnipeg Retirement Homes

A list of retirement homes in Winnipeg Manitoba. *An asterisk on the right of each name denotes that this residence matches your search criteria from information provided from a previous year and/or little further information is available. Facilities listed without an asterisk, have provided detailed up-to-date information for 2019 .

Accueil Colombien Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
200 Masson Street, #10 Winnipeg MB 
AMBER MEADOW  (Retirement Homes)  *
320 Pipeline Road Winnipeg MB R2P 2X5
Arlington Haus  (Retirement Homes)  *
880 Arlington Street Winnipeg MB 
Arms of the Cross Housing Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
555 Burnell Street, #101 Winnipeg MB 
Autumn House Inc  (Retirement Homes)  *
790 Wellington Ave, #100 Winnipeg MB 
Bluebird Lodge Senior Home  (Retirement Homes)  *
97 Keewatin Street Winnipeg MB 
Canadian Polish Manor  (Retirement Homes)  *
300 Selkirk Ave Winnipeg MB 
Carriage House North  (Retirement Homes)  *
535 Leila Ave., #100 Winnipeg MB 
Catherine Place  (Retirement Homes)  *
190 Raymond Place Winnipeg MB 
Cof Haven  (Retirement Homes)  *
275 St. Annes Road, #112 Winnipeg MB 
Donwood Manor Personal Care  (Retirement Homes)  *
171 Donwood Drive Winnipeg MB 
Donwood South  (Retirement Homes)  *
1245 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg MB 
Donwood West  (Retirement Homes)  *
1460 Portage Ave, Main Floor Winnipeg MB 
Ellice Place  (Retirement Homes)  *
555 Ellice Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Fred Douglas Place  (Retirement Homes)  *
333 Vaughan Street Winnipeg MB 
Kirchoff Gardens  (Retirement Homes)  *
1295 Dakota Street, #111 Winnipeg MB 
Kiwanis Chateau  (Retirement Homes)  *
430 Webb Place Winnipeg MB 
Lions Club of Winnipeg Housing  (Retirement Homes)  *
610 Portage Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Lions Club of Winnipeg Housing  (Retirement Homes)  *
320 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg MB 
Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet  (Retirement Homes)  *
525 Cathcart Street Winnipeg MB 
Mc Clure Place Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
533 Greenwood Place Winnipeg MB 
Oakview Place  (Retirement Homes)  *
2395 Ness Avenue Winnipeg MB 
125 Portsmouth Blvd Winnipeg MB R3P 2M3
Riverside Lions Estates  (Retirement Homes)  *
188 Worthington Ave, #100 Winnipeg MB 
857 Wilkes Avenue Winnipeg MB R3P 2M1
Shaftesbury Park Retirement Residence  (Retirement Homes)  *
905 Shaftsbury Blvd Winnipeg MB R3P 0Y3
Sharon Home  (Retirement Homes)  *
146 Magnus Ave Winnipeg MB 
Southpark Estates Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
132 Marrington Road Winnipeg MB 
St. James Kiwanis Courts Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
90 Sinawik Bay Winnipeg MB 
St. James Legion Lodge  (Retirement Homes)  *
2730 Ness Ave, #116 Winnipeg MB 
St. John's Haven  (Retirement Homes)  *
1015 Grant Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Sturgeon Creek Retirement Residence  (Retirement Homes)  *
10 Hallonquist Drive Winnipeg MB 
857 Wilkes Avenue Winnipeg MB R3P 2M2
THE WELLINGTON BY REVERA  (Retirement Homes)  *
3161 Grant Avenue Winnipeg MB R3R 3R1
THE WESTHAVEN  (Retirement Homes)  *
3033 Portage Avenue Winnipeg MB R3K 2E3
Tuxedo Villa  (Retirement Homes)  *
2060 Corydon Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Villa Cabrini Inc.  (Retirement Homes)  *
433 River Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Villa Heidelberg  (Retirement Homes)  *
33 Edmonton Street Winnipeg MB 
Villa Nova  (Retirement Homes)  *
1035 Wilkes Avenue Winnipeg MB 
Vista Park Lodge  (Retirement Homes)  *
144 Novavista Drive Winnipeg MB 

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