#1 Virtual Seniors Community in Canada

Edmonton Retirement Homes

 Member homes are listed above "non-member"  homes in alphabetical order

Ansgar Lutheran Housing   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Avenwood Corner Senior Citizens   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Bateman Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Bethany Senior Citizens Home   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Bethel Senior Citizens Residence   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Beverly Senior Citizens Lodge   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Boardwalk Retirement Community   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Calder Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Canterbury Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Capital Care Laurier House   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Central Baptist Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Chinese Elders Mansion   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
CHURCHILL MANOR   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
DEVONSHIRE VILLAGE   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Dnipro-Selo Housing Society   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Edmonton Chinatown Care Ctre   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Emmanuel Home   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Garneau Hall   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Groat House   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Highland Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Holy Eucharist Sr Citizens Home   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Italian Senior Citizens Residence    *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
LIFESTYLE OPTIONS - RIVERBEND   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Lifestyle Options - Terra Losa   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Lifestyle Options - Whitemud   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Mary A Finlay Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Mc Queen Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Meadowcroft Seniors' Residence   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Meadowlark Senior Citizens   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Millbourne Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Millennium Pavillion Seniors' Lodge   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Millwoods Shepherds Care Centre   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Montgomerey Legion Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
NIHGI METIS SENIORS LODGE   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Ortona Villa   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Pleasantview Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Queen Alexandra Lodge   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Ritchie Pioneer Place   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Romanian Senior Citizens Home   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Rosedale at Griesbach   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Rosedale Estates   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Rosedale Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Rosslyn Place Senior Citizens   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Rutherford Heights Retirement Residence   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Salvation Army Edmonton Grace Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Shepherds Care Kensington   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Southside Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
St. Elias Pysanka Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
The Ashborne   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
THE CHURCHILL BY REVERA   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Touchmark at Wedgewood   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Ukranian Dnipro Senior Citizens   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Venta Manor   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Virginia Park Senior Citizens   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Viselka   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Waterford of Summerlea   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Westlawn Courts   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes
Wild Rose Seniors Residence   *  Edmonton Alberta Retirement Homes

*An asterisk on the right of each name denotes that this residence matches your search criteria from information provided from a previous year and/or little further information is available.

Facilities listed without an asterisk, have provided detailed up-to-date information for 2019

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