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  • Available Staff/Services:
    • Pharmacy
    • Social Work (via LHIN)
    • Recreation Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy (via LHIN)
    • Visiting Dentist
    • Dietitian (via LHIN)
    • Podiatry (via LHIN)
    • Chaplaincy
    • Speech Pathology (via LHIN)
    • Audiology/Hearing Clinic
    • In-house Physician
    • Physiotherapist
    • Chiropodist
  • External services arranged by: residence and/or family/resident
  • Staff trained re: visually, hearing and cognitively impaired
  • 24 hour staff
  • RPNs on staff
  • HCAs on staff
  • PSWs on staff
  • UCPs on staff
  • Visiting MD (biweekly)
  • Can retain own MD
  • Vulnerable Sector Screening is done for all new staff members

Retirement Home & Long-Term Care Visiting Tips - download a PDF document that is an excerpt of the 2018 Guide to Retirement Living. This article details how to find "the best" home and contains 250 questions to consider and ask when touring retirement residences and 125 questions to ask when touring long-term care homes. Cost is $5.00 per download.

Emergency File & Information - Are you a caregiver for someone? In an emergency would you be able to access important health and financial information about them? Do you know the kind of information you might be required to have? If you aren't a caregiver, do your loved ones know where your important documents are in the event of an emergency? This useful document can assist individuals & caregivers organize important relevant health and financial information for you or someone you are caring for. A concise chart prepared by a long-time social worker, there is a place for all important information any caregivers might require.

Care Options for Seniors in Ontario - download a PDF document that is an excerpt of our annual Guide. The information in the PDF details the different care options available to seniors, how to discuss the need for care, and other important information for those beginning to search. It is a companion PDF to Visiting Tips. It does not contain information on specific homes or questions while touring homes (see Visiting Tips for a list of Questions to review while touring). Cost is $5.00 per download.

Resources in the Area - Browse our Resources for Seniors for listings Toronto [Scarborough], ON.

Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority

Search the RHRA Public Register for information on Ontario Retirement Homes



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