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Burlington Retirement Homes

A list of retirement homes in Burlington Ontario. *An asterisk on the right of each name denotes that this residence matches your search criteria from information provided from a previous year and/or little further information is available. Facilities listed without an asterisk, have provided detailed up-to-date information for 2019 .

APPLEBY PLACE BY REVERA  (Retirement Homes) 
500 Appleby Line Burlington ON L7L 5Z6
4151 Kilmer Drive Burlington ON L7M 5A9
BURLINGTON GARDENS  (Retirement Homes)  *
300 Plains Road West Burlington ON L7T 0A2
CHRISTOPHER TERRACE  (Retirement Homes)  *
3131 New Street Burlington ON L7N 3P8
5314 Lakeshore Road Burlington ON L7L 6L8
18 Plains Road West Burlington ON L7T 0B3
MARTHA'S LANDING  (Retirement Homes)  *
2109 Lakeshore Road Burlington ON L7R 4Z4
PARK AVENUE MANOR  (Retirement Homes)  *
924 Park Avenue West Burlington ON L7T 1N7
390 Pearl Street Burlington ON 
SUNRISE OF BURLINGTON  (Retirement Homes)  *
5401 Lakeshore Road Burlington ON L7L 6S5
4100 Upper Middle Road Burlington ON L7W 4W8
WATERDOWN MANOR  (Retirement Homes)  *
335 Dundas Street East, Waterdown Burlington ON L0R 2H0

Burlington Ontario

Burlington is known as the best mid-sized city in Canada. It is a unique area which includes both qualities of an urban and a rural area. Burlington is a clean, safe city with close-knit neighborhoods. This city provides many business, recreational and employment opportunities to its residents. The main vision of the city is to create a place where the people, nature and the business can thrive.  

About Burlington:
The name Burlington was given to this city in the late nineteenth century by the Governor of Canada. Burlington is known for the world class Festivals conducted throughout the year. This location has moderate temperatures and is facing both Niagara Escarpment and the Lake Ontario. People have a strong sense of community in Burlington; they are close to each other and enjoy all the city can offer. So, it is a great mixture of a rural and urban experience.
The temperature is moderate and the soil is fertile which allowed the farmers of the past to work and grow on the land. The current population of Burlington is 175,000 and it was designated as a city in 1974.

History of Burlington:
In the 1700’s, the people were attracted to this place because of the natural advantages of the area. A famous French explorer first came to this place in 1669. His name was Sieur de La Salle, after whom the name was given to the well-loved La Salle Park in Burlington. After that, Captain Joseph Brant was assigned a large piece of land by the British in recognition of his fighting for the British in the War of Independence. The basic evolution of Burlington started when Joseph Brant began selling out some parts of this land. Presently, there are two places in the city which are named after Brant. These two places include the Joseph Brant Museum and the Joseph Brant Hospital. Both places are situated near the house which was the home of Joseph Brant.

Because of the American Revolutionary War, people settled here as immigrants. These immigrants came from the British Isles and Europe. In  duration of time 1820 to 1850, the major export of the area was the oak timbers. After that, wheat became the major export. The rise in the wheat export was because of the Crimean War which affected the wheat sources of the Europeans. Burlington soon became a farming community which focused on all types of farming of fruits and vegetables. All the previous activities like farming, basket factories, and commercial canneries were replaced by the modern type of businesses which include high-tech industries that brought a lot of change to the community. After all this development, Burlington has managed to become a highly successful city providing a great quality of life to its people.

Climate in Burlington:
The city has a warm summer season and not so cold winters.  Each season has its own charm in Burlington. But the season which gets the most attention of the people is autumn. Autumn in Burlington is identified as a glorious season with the changing red and gold leaves of local trees. Winters in the Burlington bring a lot of exciting outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating or skiing in the nearby area. Spring in Burlington comes with the greening of the trees which people admire in the gardens and parks. Summers are always great in Burlington as it is associated with warmth and the sunshine. This season urges the people to go the nearby places that offer enjoyable outdoor activities.

Festivals in Burlington:
Burlington is known as the Home of Festivals because a lot of events are organized here,  on a large scale. These events include Canada’s largest Ribfest, the Sound of a Music Festival and the Children’s Festival. Most of these popular festivals are held in the Spencer Smith Park which is a beautiful park located along the shore of Lake Ontario.  Two famous Art Centers in Burlington offer some great cultural experiences. These two art centers include the Burlington Performing Art Center and the Burlington Art Center. Burlington is also popular because of the famous “Burlington Teen Tour Band” which is known as Canada’s Musical Ambassadors.

Interesting facts about Burlington:
Most people living in Burlington rate their quality of life as good. Burlington has different award winning restaurants where you can experience world class dining. People of Burlington can remain active physically because of opportunity  for outdoor physical activities. For example, there is a 31.6 kilometer long path with the roads. Other than that, the city has 5.6 kilometer of park land on the shore of Lake Ontario. There are around 199 parks in Burlington. There are many art galleries and other attractions offered to those who seek active lives.

Retirement homes in Burlington:
The retirement homes in Burlington seek to provide the best experiences to the elderly living in the community. These homes offer both independent living and assisted living. Elderly can seek both lifestyles depending on their needs. Retirement homes provide the best physical and emotional care to all of the residents. Residents are provided with proper meals and access to medical facilities. They are encouraged to participate in different activities carried out in the community. They are also encouraged to maintain their social life by meeting continually with their peers and family members.

In short, Burlington is an active place that has developed a cultural action plan for their city. Other than that, Burlington has all of the major facilities which are required to lead a healthy life. Alongside the educational and health system, the city is full of the outdoor activity areas as well.


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