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A list of retirement homes in Brampton Ontario. *An asterisk on the right of each name denotes that this residence matches your search criteria from information provided from a previous year and/or little further information is available. Facilities listed without an asterisk, have provided detailed up-to-date information for 2019 .

30 Peel Centre Drive Brampton ON L6T 4G3
10250 Kennedy Road Brampton ON L6Z 4N7
AMICA AT BRAMPTON  (Retirement Homes)  *
223 Main Street South Brampton ON L6Y 1N5
GREENWAY  (Retirement Homes)  *
100 Ken Whillans Drive Brampton ON L6V 0A4
12 William Street Brampton ON L6V 1L2
400 Ray Lawson Boulevard Brampton ON L6Y 4G4


Brampton Ontario

Brampton Ontario

Brampton is a city situated in the southern Ontario. You will see a lot of cultural diversity in one place. It is a small city with many beautiful places to see such as parks, museums, floral displays and different artistic productions. The city has many kinds of industries, which makes it an economically stable place.

About Brampton:
Brampton is vibrant and was designated a city in 1974. It is now the second fastest growing city of in Canada with the population of 500 in 1853 to 523,911 in the year 2011. It is expected that the population of Brampton will be 725,000 by 2031. It is also known as a place of rapid urban growth.

Brampton is considered to be an economically developed city because it is the home to more than 8000 different businesses. The city is, a global economic contender. The major businesses in the city are retail, wholesale trade and the manufacturing of different products. More than half of the residents of Brampton are associated with the manufacturing business.  

History of Brampton:
In the early 1800’s, the land where the city of Brampton grew out of, and sits today, was forests, farm land, and a few small lakes. The importance and usefulness of the land was a source of a great investment. It formed a village in 1843 with a few people settling there. By the end of 1853, it was officially considered as a separate village. With the passage of time, the settlement increased and today Brampton is a city full of facilities and people of different cultures.

Quality of life:
Due to the economic development in Brampton, the people of the city enjoy a good lifestyle. The city has all the basic facilities which are required to provide the residents with a good quality of life. It also has the title of being an internal safe community which was given by The World Health Organization in 2007.
People of Brampton focus on their flower heritage that it why they have the title of The Flower City. In 2008, the city earned the title of the International Communities in Bloom by competing with a lot of other competitors including Strathcona, Prince George, British Columbia, Scotland, Aberdeen and others.

Transportation in Brampton:
Brampton is surrounded by a vast transportation system. It has its own airport. Other than that, it has a system of buses and other local transports. Brampton is connected to different cities by different highway systems. The major highways include highway 407, 401 and 410.

Culture in Brampton:
As Brampton is known for having more than 170 different cultures, and shows a great form in cultural diversity. It has six different libraries for its half million residents which mean one library for every 8000 people. Brampton Art Council is responsible for most of the cultural activities carried out in the city. The Brampton Performing Art Center which is now known as the Rose Theatre, is one of the places which were started in September 2006.

The main sites of interest in the city of Brampton are:

Russell Peters and Scott Thompson are the two comedians who lay claim to the city of Brampton. Other than these two artists, there are several other artists including television stars. and actors who also hail from the city of Brampton

Interesting facts about Brampton:
Brampton has many facts that people may not be aware of. Brampton is a city in which people speak 70 different languages. It is the third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Brampton is the 9th largest city in Canada. 80% of the businesses in Brampton are related to smaller scale business with the total of 50 or fewer employees in one company.

There is a place in Brampton which is named as “The Four Corners”. This spot was named because of the presence of four banks at the four different corners: it was called as “Buff’s Corners” in earlier times. The name Brampton originated from the name of its sister city of Brampton in the UK.

Retirement homes in Brampton:
There are many different retirement homes presently in the city which offer a variety of options to their residents. Optimum care to the elderly is provided in these retirement homes. The concept of independent living and assisted living, both are present. The residents of the retirement homes are helped in every possible way. These homes have different facilitates which are used to facilitate a transitional period for the elderly. The administrations of these retirement homes focus on the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the people living in the home. People living in these retirement homes are encouraged to maintain their social life. Residents participate in the activities and events organized in- house so that they can create a connection with both the other residents and the community as a whole.

Brampton provides outdoor activities by holding a space of 6000 acres of land, which contains parks and places for other outdoor activities. Anyone who likes a lively city with much to offer would absolutely love this city.


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