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Senior-focused Realtors assist with a successful transition!

Senior-focused Realtors assist with a successful transition!

Susan, a 70 year old female was living on her own in a townhouse in Scarborough, ON. She had COPD and was attached to oxygen with an extention which allowed her to be on the main floor and the second floor of her home.  As a senior-focused Realtor who works with clients who are looking to transition from their current properties to retirement living, my partner Marvet and I discussed with Susan, her plans with respect to where she would live, the requirements of downsizing her personal belongings and the help she would need to complete her goals, given her health needs.  Susan had made a decision to move to Guelph, ON since she didn't have family in Scarborough. She had never been married nor had any children. Her only sibling had passed away. Susan had a niece who lived in Guelph  and therefore wanted to move closer to her.

Based on her health needs and her other circumstances, Susan chose to move to an Assisted Living community in Guelph. We did a market analysis on her property and also planned to do some painting, repairs, junk removal and staging. We organized all of the work needed to get her home ready for sale. We also assisted Susan in obtaining the required medical files from her current doctor as she was transferring her files elsewhere. Susan was still able to drive so we made arrangements to take her car to the dealership to get a tune up and to check the tires. The plan for her move also included moving her car to her new home.

Marvet and I drove Susan to Guelph to visit her prospective new hometown and tour the suites that were available. Susan chose a one bedroom suite.  We accompanied Susan as she purchased new furniture for her new home and arranged to have it delivered prior to her move-in date.

Once her existing home was sold, we made arrangements for movers to facilitate the move from Scarborough to Guelph. Moving day was quite the excursion ... one behind the other ... the movers driving to Guelph, Marvet driving my car and I with Susan and her personal items in tow in her car to her new home!

We stayed with Susan to make sure her new furniture was all in the right place and we helped unpack her personal possessions and spent the day ensuring that she was comfortable in her new home!  A happy client and a successful transition indeed!  

Magda Zecevic - Master Accredited Senior Agent - Royal LePage
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