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Recognizing our wonderful volunteer!

Recognizing our wonderful volunteer!

Lisa Brentnall, the Administrator of The Wellington in Hamilton, ON, was first introduced to Mr. Bob MacDonald from a neighbouring Long Term Care Community Administrator. They asked if we would be interested in donating our pop cans for The Alzheimer’s Society.  Of course, we were interested in recycling and were happy to welcome Bob into our residence.  Bob started by collecting pop cans in our home and would often ask if there were other homes he could go out and collect from, as well as other community partners.  Bob is always happy and friendly to all the staff and residents he meets.  He often will take the time to sit and chat with residents that he has befriended along the way.  We all look forward to his visits and generous laughter.  He is very outgoing, inviting and has a warm personality.   When the pop can revenue was not meeting his expectations he added spirits and beer bottle recycling to the repertoire.  Many of the staff and families of residents will bring in their empties so that the funds can go towards the cause!  Bob works relentlessly at collections and crushing the cans, then transports them to the recycling facilities.  He is always looking for more opportunities to increase and beat his fundraising goals!
Bob has also done the walk for The Alzheimer’s Society for many years.  He is such a positive volunteer, with compassion for the work he does and the relationships he builds along the way.  We are very happy to have Bob as an important role model and volunteer in our residence.

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