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My Parkland Experience: Marguerite

My Parkland Experience: Marguerite

Meet Marguerite, a resident at Parkland on the Glen in Mississauga. She moved to the community in March 2020. Despite moving in during the pandemic, she says that she is happy with her decision because she feels safe, social, supported and connected. Here is what Marguerite has to say about her experience at Parkland on the Glen.

As soon as Parkland opened 10 years ago, I thought this was a beautiful location. So, you can say I’ve had my eye on this place for 10 years. When the day came to actually contemplate a retirement community, I had lost my husband and I didn’t want to stay in the big house. I looked at a few retirement homes and what I liked about Parkland was when I came into the lobby and sat waiting for a meeting, the residents were all smiling. The staff were also smiling and joking with each other. The other thing that I found unique about Parkland was there were different options. So, for myself, I’m still in my 70s, I’m healthy, I was still willing and able to make some of my own meals – even do my own cleaning and my laundry, things like that. I can still be in charge of my own medications, but I also knew the day would come that I might need more help and I can do that staying right in this same community just by changing plans.

Three times a week I go to a fitness class called dance fit – I’m enjoying that very much. I go to stitch and chat on Wednesday mornings. I usually go to bingo Friday mornings. Guided meditation on Saturday mornings. I go down for Jeopardy and I go down for movies in our theatre.

If you are considering a retirement community in Mississauga I would say come on over and see for yourself. Take the tour, see what the options are, the different sizes of units and talk to people here about their experience because I think you’ll find that it is a very welcoming community.

Of course, the pandemic has been hard on everyone no matter where you are. But one thing that I really feel from that time, and even now, is gratitude for the way the staff took care of us. They came to work every day to make sure that we got our food, that we had our temperatures taken. And even more than that there were treats dropped off at our suites, there were puzzles, there was communication. I’m finding I feel very much at home.

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