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Long-Term Care in Alberta

Long-Term Care in Alberta (nursing homes) is governed through the provincial government (shared responsibility between Alberta Seniors and Community Supports and Alberta Health and Wellness). Grouped under the category of 'Facility Living', Long-term care residences provide care for those who have health needs that deem them unable to live at home or in a Supportive Living facility. Long-term care operators are required to meet standards (effective April 2007) in the areas of their physical environment, hospitality services, safety services, personal services, coordination and referral services, residential services, human resources and management and administration. In all there are 33 standards. Additionally there are 'Continuing Care Health Services Standards' under the jurisdiction of Alberta Health and Wellness that also apply to long-term care residences. Long-term care accommodation fees are set by the government and as of July 2016 range from $52.65/day for a standard room (ward), to $64.10/day for a private room. A semi-private room is $55.45/day. Subsidies may be available based on an individual's income. The 'care' portion of the cost of living in long-term care is covered by the government.Those wishing to have their care needs assessed &/or to find out if they are eligible to move into a long-term care facility can contact their regional health authority.

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Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW




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