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Which Retirement Home would you choose for your parent?

"What place would you choose for your parent?" During the many years that I worked as a hospital social worker with seniors who required relocation, this was the most common question the families of my elderly clients would ask me. It was, and still is, a most difficult one to answer. My experience has taught me that it is not wise to recommend a retirement residence or long-term care home, especially for someone I barely know. I believe that even those of us who know something about such settings, should not decide which one is the best place for someone else to call "home".

Residences differ greatly across so many dimensions - including environment, amenities, services & care and - every person's needs and desires are unique. What one person might think is the perfect home, another might not. It is imperative that the family/caregiver and if physically possible, the person themselves, assess their needs, shop around and compare what is available.

Choosing a retirement residence or long-term care home for yourself or someone else is not an easy task. It is most often a very emotional decision that can be made more overwhelming if rigid time constraints - both personal and those set by a hospital or caregiver - are involved. Additionally, witin the category of retirement living settings, there is tremendous choice and most published information about many residences is limited at best.

The goal and purpose of is to give you the necessary tools to begin your search for the "best place" for yourself or a loved one. I hope it will help make what is often a difficult decision a little bit easier, by giving you as much information as possible as you try and navigate the myriad of options before you. I do not "rate" the homes detailed on this site. The information we ask is intentionally objective.

However, I believe that the subjective perspective is of equal, if not greater, importance when searching for a retirement or long-term care home. It is of utmost importance that you be an informed consumer. No decision should be made without a visit to a residence, or preferably, a few. Meet with staff, sample a meal, speak with residents and their families, get references, spend time at the places that interest you and ask a lot of questions.

A common question I am asked is why I don't have every home in the province detailed on this website. The answer is really quite simple - although I would be very pleased if I did have comprehensive information on every home, it is essentially not possible. I cannot force homes to have a presence on our website. Some homes choose other means of promoting themselves and others do not have a need to be on websites at all or only promote themselves through local sources. In smaller communities where there are few homes 'word of mouth' is often the way potential residents find a place that meets their needs.

In compiling our information, each residence located in our search was given an opportunity to complete a detailed online questionnaire. Information about the homes that chose to be on, based solely on their online responses, are contained on our site. I do not censor or change any of the information they provide.

All homes with internet access are invited to update their information as often as they wish on Readers of our printed Ontario Guide are encouraged to visit regularly to check for updated information and added features. I do not endorse any residence or long-term care home, and I take no responsibility for the information provided. It is my assumption that in choosing to be on, each place responded accurately.

Thank you for choosing to use this website. Please feel free to send me your feedback. I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW



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