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How to use the Retirement Home Finder (Apple & Android)

To find a residence in your area click on the link for 'Search All Residences'
From that link you can search for a specific home by name, or search for a home in the area you currently are or search for a home by city.
*To Search by residence simply type in the name of the home you want to find
*To search by what is nearby, just click the link and a list of homes near your current location will display
*To search by city, click on the link, Choose the type of residence you want, select the province from the drop down list, and then the city.
Please note - only homes with full listings in our database will display. While there may be other homes in your area, only those that have chosen to be part of our database will display. All homes across Canada are given the option of being part of our database but for various reasons some choose to join us, others do not.

Clicking on a home name will display their address information, a photo if they have one on our site, a quick link to their phone number (clicking it will dial straight through to them) and a Map link to map you to the home from your current location.

You must have the Wi-Fi on your mobile device active in order for you to access our database or map your way to a home.

At any time, you may use the 'back' button to go back to the previous screen and the 'Home'’ button to return to the main page of the app.

Clicking on our logo will take you to our full website as well the About Us tab at the bottom of the home page. Our website contains substantial detailed information on every home listed, often including photos, web links and other features. Our site is constantly changing and growing so please check in often.

From the Home page you can also review a multitude of articles displayed on our website and purchase a hard copy, CD version or PDF of our latest printed Guide for Ontario.

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If you are looking for a retirement residence, we suggest you also download our Financial app (Apple only) through the app store called, the '‘Retirement Home Cost Calculator'’ through which you can compare the cost of living in your own home vs. living in a retirement setting.

For additional support, please contact info@senioropolis.com