#1 Virtual Seniors Community in Canada Privacy Policy is owned by Senioropolis Inc., an Ontario limited company. We obtain on-line information about homes/residences directly from administrative staff of the residences we survey. The information obtained is specifically about homes/residences but there is a small questionnaire that those setting up an account to input residence information must complete. Very limited personal information, as it relates to that person’s role at the home/residence is obtained through that form.

Senioropolis Inc. holds copyright to the information provided by homes/residences on-line or for the purpose of on-line data entry. The information is used on the website to provide a service to consumers who are searching for retirement homes in Canada. Once a year the objective information provided by home/residence staff about their specific residence is extracted from the database and produced in a book format entitled the Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®. The limited personal information obtained in the account set up section of the site is not shared with anyone and only used for survey purposes.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is usually used to make browsing more enjoyable. You can set your browser to detect and reject cookies. Your browser’s help files will tell you how to set and change options with respect to cookies. When you set a cookie on this website, you will not have to log in with your password more than once. Your computer will store your password to our site on your hard-drive and will use it whenever it detects that you are in our site. The only people who are required to have a password at this time are home/residence administrative staff who enter data or have access to our on-line data about their home/residence.

External Site Links links to other websites on the internet. Content and Privacy Policies are the responsibility of their respective owners.

Advertisements on the site may be provided by outside companies or may be designed by our staff. Advertisements may contain cookies but they are not accessible to Information about the number people visiting the site &/or ads &/or specific residence pages may be made available to advertisers/residences who are part of the site. No personal information about site visitors is conveyed to advertisers.

There are times where we may use the contact information provided by residences to contact them for specific purposes related to our book or website. For example we may use your telephone number, fax, email or address to convey information to you (or obtain information from you) for the purpose of collecting/updating information about your retirement home or conveying information about our website or publication.

Data Collection
Information is entered into the website in one of two ways, either by the site administrator through a secure site administration page or by a retirement home contact person through the “Home Administrators” page. Only one contact person per home has access to their specific database and only the database connected with their email and password can be accessed by them. Each contact person is identified by his or her email address that they enter into our system and a secure private password automatically emailed to them by our website (they can change this password once they enter the site for the first time). The password is only known to them and the site administrator. If they are affiliated with a larger company special permission from the administrator can be obtained to share this password with a specific head office staff person for the purpose of data entry and review before publication. When the administrator is made aware that an employee is no longer working at a residence, the password is changed by the site administrator so that former employee can no longer enter that residence’s pages. When setting up an account to generate a password and access to our questionnaire, limited information related to employment of the contact person at that residence is obtained and only used for statistical purposes.

Contact Information
If users have questions or suggestions related to our privacy policy, we can be contacted at:

Senioropolis Inc.
8000 Bathurst Street, Unit 1,
P.O.Box 30033 RPO New Westminster,
Vaughan, ON
L4J 0C6

Phone: 844-585-7255



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