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"I would definitely appreciate receiving the same order. It’s a fantastic resource, and I always look forward to new updates. "
R. T. , Information Associate

"The guide is an excellent resource & we are thrilled to get the copies each time."
R. C., Program Manager for a Toronto Seniors' Agency

"This continues to be a superb resource, and we are glad that you make this available!"
R. T., Information Cooridinator

"Your Guide is a wonderful source of information for our clients and families."
E.T., Hospital Social Worker

"These books of information are wonderful for the patients and families that I work with."
F.W., Nurse Practitioner

"Looking forward to once again providing our clients with such a reliable and valuable resource."
J.G., A Toronto Senior's Agency

"[Your publication] is a valuable resource in our Information Centre!"
N.C., An Ontario Community Info Service

"I would love to receive the same amount of these great resource guides again this year. Our members were very quick to grab them up!"
R.G. Director of an Ottawa Senior's Agency

"On behalf of [our agency] I would like to thank you for sending us .... copies of the Senioropolis Guides. They are a great source of information and the members love them. The Guides are very well organized and user friendly. Senioropolis does wonderful work and is very generous in their support of non-profit charities such as ourselves."
S.B. Coordinator of an Ontario Senior's Agency

"Thank you for making this information available; its a great resource!"
K.B., Ontario Senior's Agency

"Looking forward to once again providing our client’s with such a reliable & valuable resource."
J.G., Supervisor (Seniors Agency)

"These books of information are wonderful for the patients and families that I work with. Please continue to send them to me."
F.W., Nurse Practitioner (in an Ontario hospital)

"Your guide is a wonderful source of information for our clients and families. Thank you for continuing to provide this valuable resource."
E. T. Clinical Manager (Hospital in Ontario)

"This is continues to be a superb resource, and we are glad that you make this available!"
R.T. Information and Referral Associate (Agency)

"The guide is an excellent resource & we are thrilled to get the copies each time. Thank you so much for your all your ongoing efforts and hard work in ensuring the highest standards of information available to professionals. "
R.C. Program Manager (Seniors Agency)

"On behalf of [our agency] I would like to thank you for sending us [copies] of the Senioropolis Guides. They are a great source of information and the members love them. The Guides are very well organized and user friendly. "
S.B. Program Coordinator, Toronto Seniors Agency

"This is a terrific resource for all of our outpatient medical clinics in addition to our social work department."
D. H., hospital social worker

"Please send me copies of your Guide. I use it frequently and have received nothing but positive feedback from those I have distributed it to."
E.T. , Hospital Discharge Planner

"[The Guide]is an invaluable resource for our patients/families when we are assisting in discharge planning."
P. D., Hospital Social Worker

"Dear Esther Just a quick note. I use the internet a lot during my work with senior's residences and your publication is by far the best work out there and it makes my job much easier."
Bert Nowak

"About 20% of Meaford Haven's market is well covered by Senioropolis. We feel Meaford Haven got very good results; a steady stream of registrants who also participate in our Virtual Focus Groups. When we launched last May we had a goal of 300+ registered prospects by Fall, which with your help we reached. Thanks for everything."
Paul Grissom, President and Creative Director, Grissom & Friends Marketing Creative

"As a long time advertiser with the directory and more recently on the website, it's easy to see the great value of such a resource as Senioropolis - for people looking for information about retirement living in general and retirement residences specifically."
Mary Mamak, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Bayshore Home Health

"Senioropolis does a sound job of capturing a comprehensive list of retirement residences throughout Ontario, reflective of the many companies offering retirement living options. From our vantage point, it appears to be a highly sought-after publication for care professionals working within the seniors industry: a publication that has grown not only in size and scope, but in popularity, over the years."
Nancy Solomon, Director of Communications, Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA)

"In my past career using Senioropolis resource guide was a daily occurance and there was no doubt about our first choice of advertising when I started my own venture. Thank you Donna and Esther for making our choice so easy and effective!"
Amy MacFarlane, Executive Director and Founder, Recreational Respite Inc.

"I would like to thank you on behalf of our Centre for your wonderful presentation. We have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you so much for generously donating copies of your book. I know the seniors will find it very helpful in making their important decisions. "
David Lieberman, Executive Director, Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors

"Advertising in the Senioropolis directory has given me a fantastic opportunity to help my current clients, reconnect with my past clients and meet new people who not only need my assistance in selling their home, but also in orchestrating their entire move. I have already started to receive phone calls and even some from across Canada with inquiries on how to make this lifestyle transition easier, and I thank Senioropolis for making this possible. "
Maxine Povering, ASA, Broker, Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Ltd.

"I would highly recommend advertising with Ms. Esther Goldstein at to anyone wishing to increase their exposure in the Baby Boomer and Retirement/Residential Industry Markets. I found Esther to be knowledgeable, professional and responsive throughout the duration of my campaign and an overall joy to work with. I look forward to collaborating with Esther on all of my future advertising initiatives. "
Kathleen Marks, Account Manager, Advertising Sales Silver Screen Classics

"I love the book and find it to be a valuable resource!"
J. D. Hospital Social Worker

"We have received copies of the Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living, and wish to thank you for you hard work in putting together this invaluable resource! This kind of centralized information is crucial to have access to, especially for agencies such as ours, which has a large geographical area to cover and few resources, staff and time to accumulate the wealth of information - such as what you have provided - in addition to our actual mandate. A heart felt thanks for this."
R. T. Information and Referral Associate

"I use your books quite often and find them very helpful as they are very comprehensive."
A. M. , Hospital Social Worker

"I was using your website as a guide ad it has been very helpful!"

"I have recently completed my BASc. in Gerentology and have your Senioropolis book and so I thought I would check out your site. You have done a wonderful job and offer a wealth of information!"

"The information in the Guide was very useful and informative. It gives me good insight towards the different types and services retirement homes provide."
T. T., Seneca College Student

"The Guide was great. Thank you very much for your efforts. It is a real help."
A Toronto Community Agency

"I wanted to let you know how valuable your book is to our service and how pleased we were to receive the complimentary copies. Thank you for providing us with your well researched and organized information."
D. M., Toronto, ON, Intake Coordinator

"I think the book is a great resource."
Dr. M., Toronto, ON

"Our staff appreciates this resource and says it will be put to good use."
An Etobicoke Seniors Agency

"Thank you for the opportunity to have out residence placed in your guide. Your Guide is very comprehensive and has proved very useful to all of us."
A retirement home that has participated in our Guide since the second edition

"A couple of months a go we recieved copies of your publication A Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living in Ontario both in hardcopy and on CD. I wanted to let you know that we have found both very informative and user friendly. In particular the CD version has allowed us to have Case Managers take the information with them on their laptops and avoid carrying additional papers while home visiting. Thank you again for the opportunity to share this information."
S. W., A LHIN Team Leader in Ontario

"May I just say that the guide is one of the best sources of information we have found so far. Thank you for making the process easier."
J. W.

"We love this Guide! It is an excellent resource and I recommend it highly."
D.M. Intake Coordinator - A Toronto Seniors' Agency

"As a not-for-profit agency we appreciate the [Guides which] help us to help out our senior clients when they are ready to consider their options."
L. S. - Social Service Worker -“ A Meals on Wheels Agency

"Good resource - happy to have information related to costs."
S.P. -“ a Hospital Discharge Planner

"Our agency uses and distributes this very comprehensive Guide to clients and caregivers. User friendly - and a great resource to have!"
B.M. - Social Worker -' a Seniors' Agency

"Helpful and easy to read book."
M.P. - a Hospital Social Worker

"Would like to say your website is very much appreciated for the information accumulated and compiled for easy viewing."
D.P. - family member of an Ontario senior

"Thank you very much for the [copies] of A Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living. I have distributed them and the CD's to the Social Workers [at my residence]. They always find this to be a helpful resource in assisting clients and their family members in considering retirement living options."
C.H. -Manager at a Geriatric Rehabilitation Program

"Keep updating! I find this guide very worthwhile as a professional & my senior clients find it very helpful as well. Very organized."
L.S., Social Service Worker

"Great book, easy read. We have the CD on our intranet for staff to access for themselves and clients when necessary"
C.C., LHIN Information & Referral Services Rep.

"I think your Guide is a vital resource and I am thankful to have it for my clients and families/caregivers."
J.H., Geriatric Social Worker

"The Guides are an invaluable resource!"
D.M., Hospital Social Worker

"Thank you for this knowledgeable edition. Our patients and family members find it extremely helpful..."
D.K., Hospital RN

"I want to thank you so much for creating this website. I am new to Toronto, and to I was feeling overwhelmed by the task of finding a home here for my mother, until someone gave me your 'Guide to Retirement Living'. That Guide and especially the search tool in this website will be a great help for me..."

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Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living in Canada

Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®
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Canada-wide – 22nd Edition

  • What is a Retirement Residence? and Who Needs One?
  • Retirement Residence & Long-Term Care Visiting Tips –Important Questions to Ask and Things to Look For when touring
  • Emotional Aspects of Relocation
  • How to Make the Transition Easier
  • What if a Retirement Community is not the Right Option?
  • What is Long-Term Care?
  • Community Resources
  • Housing Options
  • Resource information on goods and services for seniors
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The Guide

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