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I live in Nova Scotia and provide care for my disabled spouse. How do I find out about the Caregiver Benefit?
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What is the procedure to get a family member into a home for a 2 week respite?
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My mom is widowed and lives in a different city to me. I have no siblings so I am her primary caregiver and she doesn't want to move to be close to me. She lives at home but has some help coming into her house a few days a week. Are there things I can do to make my long-distance caregiving 'job' easier?
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Are there government subsidies in Ontario for retirement homes?
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Can you send me pricing for all homes in my city?
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My dad is a war vet. Will his veterans benefits cover some of the cost of living in a retirement home?
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Do retirement homes in Ontario have government subsidies?
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My mother is going into a care home. She owns a home and will have to sell it. She other assests as well. We are wondering what we can do to protect her assets and ensure that her rates at the care home will not be astronomical. Can we legally transfer some assets to family with no repercussions?
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My mom needs a retirement home but is on a limited income. Is there any government subsidy available?
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I live in a house right now and I am thinking of selling my house to move into a retirement home. I am wondering what it costs to live in a retirement home?
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