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General Info

Important Websites for Seniors in British Columbia - A list of important contact and website information for seniors in British Columbia.

Government Programs / Legislation

Retirement Home Regulation in British Columbia - British Columbia is the first province in Canada to regulate Assisted Living Residences, the category under which many retirement residences fall. There is no regulation governing Independent Living Residences.

Health & Wellness

HealthLink BC - Recognizing that people at different life stages have different types of concerns and questions related to their health, the government of BC has created a website with a host of different topics relevant to residents as they move through the life cycle.

Seniors' Guide for British Columbia - The government of BC has produced a book containing resources for seniors.

Seniors Housing

Campuses of Care – Innovative Seniors’ Housing in British Columbia - Campuses of Care consist of independent living units, assisted living and residential care. Many have units that are government subsidized. A goal of these developments is to cerate a ‘community’ where residents and staff support one another.

Senior Housing Options in British Columbia - Seniors in British Columbia wishing to relocate from their current home have several options available to them depending on their care needs and available monthly income.

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Retirement Resources
Retirement Resources