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4 Tips to Protect Seniors Against Fraud and Identity Theft - Although most anyone can be a target of fraud and identity theft, senior identity theft is on the rise and those ages 50+ are often in the cross-hairs of scammers. The U.S. government is taking steps to help circumvent the high level of fraud aimed at seniors, but it can only do so much -- and progress in this area has been fairly slow. Some states are taking matters into their own hands -- such as Missouri, which signed a bill that helps protect seniors by allowing financial professionals to put holds on suspicious transactions -- but many are hoping for something on the federal level. Huffington Post


Ottawa senior targeted not once but twice in 'grandparent scam' - Police have arrested a man after a senior citizen was hit up not once, but twice, for thousands of dollars by someone posing as his grandson. Ottawa Citizen


Services Offer A Means To Foil Widespread 'Elder Fraud' - This is the season for generosity — and for con artists who take advantage of it. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to scams; more than a quarter of the victims of financial fraud are over 60, according to the FTC. But now there are products on the market designed to protect seniors' nest eggs. NPR


Raising Alert about Unrelated Charges and Fraud - This week witnessed yet another case of fraud targeting seniors when a woman in BC found that a fraudulent 1-800 scheme has been withdrawing money from her account for several years. Following the release of the Go Public segment on CBC News, CARP Advocacy went on CBC Radio to answer questions that listeners across Canada had on the topic. CARP Canada


1-800 charges linked to company accused of targeting seniors - A B.C. senior has decided to Go Public after discovering years of suspicious debits on her bank statements. CBC Canada


Top 10 Canadian Scams in 2014 - Scammers are moving away from email and taking to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Watch out for overly promotional language about the "next big thing" or something "going to the top of the charts". Don't respond to direct messages about investments or stocks that come to you via social networks or text message. CBC Doc Zone


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