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Aging Well: B.C. releases planning and assistance guide for seniors - The provincial government has developed new tools to help B.C.’s seniors plan for their future. The Province


Premier Gallant says backing down over nursing home fees a valuable lesson - Premier Brian Gallant says he doesn't believe his reversal on nursing home fees in 2015 will lead to his Liberal government backing down on other tough policies in 2016. CBC Canada


Canadian risk management VPs surveyed report median salary of $174,000 - More than one in four risk managers surveyed in the United States have 25 years' experience or more on the job, while in Canada fewer than 19% have been managing risk for more than a quarter century, a recent survey from Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Inc. suggests. Canadian Underwriter


Myeloma Canada reps, patients meet with ministers - Patients and representatives of Myeloma Canada, headquartered in Laval, had a positive meeting with deputies and ministers of the National Assembly on November 19. The Suburban


Provinces in dark about aging population - Imagine reaching age 63 and then thinking, “I should start saving for retirement, I’d like to retire in a couple years.” Toronto Sun


Boomers, infrastructure will force redesign of Canada’s fiscal federalism - Several issues of fiscal policy were highlighted in the recent federal election campaign, including budget deficits, spending on infrastructure, changes in tax rates for middle– and upper-income Canadians, and reforms to child-benefit programs. But one issue absent from the debate was a longer-term challenge: the return of Canada’s “fiscal imbalance” between the various levels of government. The Globe and Mail


Long-term care complaints soar in London region - In a province where seniors already outnumber kids, it’s enough to make you shudder at getting old. Need home care to help an elderly or disabled loved one stay in their home, like 713,000 Ontarians get? LF Press


History suggests refugees can only make Canada a better place: Joe Schlesinger - A recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute suggests almost a third of Canadians oppose the admission of Syrian refugees. No surprise there. It was my experience that new immigrants are not always welcome and are often even resented. CBC Canada


Should grandma and grandpa be allowed to immigrate to Canada? - In 2011, due to a large backlog of applications, the federal government froze the immigration program that allowed Canadians and permanent residents to sponsor and bring their foreign parents and grandparents to Canada. CBC Canada


Walk with Me 2016 - There are many exciting initiatives and projects underway in Canada that are shifting, in significant and positive ways, the culture of aging across aging care services. Walk with Me aims to accelerate and give profile to this social movement. Research Institute for Aging


Trudeau's childcare challenges should make for better policies for families in long-run - Trudeau's hard-won insights into what all parents need to do to keep it all together during this very demanding period of their lives should lend itself to better and more rigorous policy making that is responsive to the challenges that every family faces—inside the legislature, and out. And isn’t that the whole point? Hill Times


Ontario Accepting Applications for Seniors Community Grants - Ontario is now accepting applications for the 2016 Seniors Community Grant Program to help more seniors stay active and engaged in their communities. Ontario CA


Ontario seeing sharp rise in seniors using food banks, report finds - A new report by the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) found a growing number of seniors and single people relying on food banks for hunger relief. Nearly 360,000 adults and children are using food banks each month across Ontario as food insecurity is becoming a reality for an increasing number in the province. CBC Canada


Ontario's auditor general slams Liberal government over litany of problems - A litany of problems is laid bare in a report released Wednesday by Ontario's auditor general, from the growing frequency of Hydro One's power outages to a startling $140 million worth of mistakes in welfare payments. CBC Canada


We Need All the Friends We Can Get - To show support for caregivers and their families from coast to coast, Canada Cares has endorsed Dementia Friends Canada, an Alzheimer Society and Government of Canada friend-raising initiative. Financial Post


Edmundston nursing home deal reached - ​A dispute about physician staffing levels at a new nursing home in Edmundston has been resolved, clearing the way for the nursing home to open soon. CBC Canada News


4 Things No-On Tells You about Retiring Abroad Until It’s Too Late - If you are thinking about retiring abroad, you probably have a pretty good picture in your mind of what life in another country will be like. You’ve done your homework, scouring the Internet for information about healthcare costs, climate and culture. Sixty & Me


Hospital Readmission Rates After Joint Replacements Drop - It looks like good news for folks on Medicare who are getting new knees or hips: the hospital readmission rates after these delicate surgeries have dropped significantly, according to a report by AARP’s Public Policy institute. Next Avenue


Family caregivers in Ontario need a hand - Dina Theodoropoulos knows the challenges of having two careers — she’s an interior designer and a home caregiver for her senior parents. Toronto Sun


Food bank use on rise in Canada with more children, seniors - Food Banks Canada is using its annual report on the number of people using food banks in the country to push anew for the federal and provincial governments to do away with the social assistance programs. The Star


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