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General Articles


Caring for the Caregiver - It's most important that the caregiver, care for themselves as much as their loved one. First and foremost they must communicate with medical personnel, family, friends and their support network.


The ‘7 C’s’ for Finding the Best Home Healthcare - For many Canadians caring for a loved one, although filled with compassion and love, can feel like a full-time job. Our current pubic healthcare system is not always able to provide families everything they need, requiring more families to shoulder the responsibilities of finding, managing and paying for home healthcare.


Working Caregivers - Balance or Burn Out? - Putting the words "caregiving", "work" and "life balance" into the same sentence is almost comical. Yet it is no joke to manage all three at the same time. It is very hard, focussed work to be the caregiver that you think you need to be, productive in the workplace and still have time in your life to enjoy other things and other people.



Federal government to stop payments by cheque on April 1, 2016 - direct deposit, government payments, OAS, CPP, HST refunds, cheques


Government of Canada Financial Programs for Seniors - As a Canadian, do you know what pensions you are eligible for through our government?


Nursing Home Rates Across Canada - Nursing home/Long-Term Care across Canada varies in terms of terminology and cost factors. Long-term care is regulated & monthly rates are determined by each provinces’ Ministry of Health. Every province determines what their rates are, when they are increased and by how much and what subsidies are available for those below the income level of the minimum accommodation rates.


The Cost of Retirement Living - For someone on basic pensions choice is limited to seniors buildings that are rent geared to income or long term care - this is unfortunate because there are a whole group of people that fall between the cracks here.


Wills - What is a will? A written legal document setting out what is to happen after death to his/her property and who will be guardian of children. A will must be in writing and should be dated and properly witnessed.



Beware of Promises of High Return in a Low Interest Rate Market - For a number of years now Canada has been in a time of low interest rates within the financial markets. These low rates of return not only apply to savings and borrowing but also to investments. The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) is quite concerned about the number of incidents being reported to their enforcement branch where investors suffered substantial losses after they were convinced to move or invest in “high rate of return” products from their existing, safer low return investments.


Buying a Vehicle On-line - Why would someone you don't know, who lives in a different city, in the United States for example, want to sell you a $30,000 vehicle for $20,000? Plainly and simply, they wouldn't. It's that easy. Therefore, it must be easy to avoid getting “ripped-off” on that dream car you found down in Texas, right?


ID Theft - Identity fraud thieves do not discriminate. They will steal information from anyone, no matter what your choice in lifestyle, financial means or overall situation. Public awareness and education is the key to preventing and reducing the number of reported incidents of Identity Fraud. While it may not be possible to guarantee the safety of everyone’s identity, following some general guidelines and being aware of current trends will help minimize your risk and exposure to these incidents.


Ransomware: To pay or not to pay - Picture yourself at your computer, innocently conducting your personal business when your screen displays a logo of your local police force and advises you that your computer has been used for an illegal purpose. At this point, your computer is locked and you no longer have access to any programs. Don’t panic, there is a simple solution, as soon as you pay your fine you will be able to access your computer again. Should you pay your fine?


Romance Fraud - A romance fraud is a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining her or his affection and then using that goodwill to commit fraud. Fraudulent acts may involve gaining access to the victim’s money, bank accounts, credit cards, passports, or email accounts. It can also include getting the victims to commit financial fraud on behalf of the suspect.


General Info

Retirement Home Reviews - I have often wondered how useful user reviews are. In years gone by people would call the Better Business Bureau to find out if there were any complaints about a business or to file complaints. Now we have the internet which allows virtually anyone to type in a review for the world to see.


HOME BASE CAN BE "HOME SAFE" © 2004 - Good orgainzation and thinking ahead can keep a home safe for seniors who might be frail and unaware of risks in the home.


How Important are your Documents? - One never knows when crisis will hit and you or someone other than yourself will need access to your important documents, but not have the time or ability to search for them. Be it an unexpected illness, hospitalization or something else - a purse can get stolen or lost, a home can get broken into....


Take the Chaos out of Crisis® - Having easy access to a list of your parents contact numbers takes the chaos out of the crisis. Suggested list of important numbers to keep handy in case of an emergency.


Health & Wellness

Dealing with Progressive and Chronic Illness - As we age there are a whole host of progressive and chronic illnesses that may impact our independence significantly. Some of these illnesses are devastating for the person and caregivers/family alike as they come to terms with the diagnosis and type of care required.


Is Your Home Healthy?/Votre maison est-elle en santé? - From carbon monoxide to household chemicals, from wood smoke to unsafe handling of medications, home health risks come in many shapes and forms. Risks to health can occur in any home through environmental factors from nature itself, the products we use, the air we breathe, or sometimes from the food we eat or the water we drink.


Obstacles to Effective Pain Relief - Lower back pain can affect your ability to perform and function well in many areas of life. This includes many basic activities of daily living, household duties, yard work and gardening, or recreational sports like golfing or tennis, to name a few. These often become progressively more challenging and difficult to perform when complicated with lower back problems.


Technology Trends Impacting Senior Care - Digital technology has had a profound impact on most aspects of our daily lives: from the way we shop, to how we book travel, communicate with friends and family, manage our finances or consume media such as music, books and television. Innovative technology trends are now beginning to impact the healthcare sector, offering potentials to improve the overall system and promote better healthcare outcomes for many Canadians.


The Impact of Low Back Pain - Whether lower back pain occurs suddenly or slowly over time, the effects of it on our bodies, our lives and in the lives of others is both deep and far reaching. Your life slowly changes and becomes more challenging over time as your back pain worsens. You face more restrictions, adjustments and even more fear and anxiety as lower back pain becomes a more significant part of your life.


The Importance of Being a Social Senior Citizen - Did you know staying socially active can help you live longer, become happier and remain free of disabilities? Well, it’s true! Numerous studies have shown that loneliness and social isolation have been linked to poor health. Socially isolated seniors can have a shorter life expectancy and experience a higher risk of health problems.


Tips and Tricks for Health and Longevity - We all want to live longer and live better. For most of us, this is a common goal in life, but for others, it can be quite difficult to obtain (it’s true when they say that ‘old habits die hard’). To some people’s surprise, simple lifestyle changes can help reverse the ageing process.



Adjusting to your new Home - Change can be difficult for anyone under any circumstance and moving, often leaving a place tied to special memories and people, is one of the more stressful situations one has to deal with. Moving into a retirement community can present added challenges as there will be a new routine and many new people to get to know.


How to Make the Transition to Retirement Living Easier - The reality is that moving to a retirement home ranks among one of the more difficult things anyone has to raise and discuss with someone they care about.


Key Factors When Selecting a Retirement Residence - What are the most important things to look for when searching for a retirement home?


Living with Family - Making a decision to live with a son, daughter or other family member in their home after years of having one’s own home can often be a hard one for both parties.


Planning for Retirement: The Essentials - When most of us think about our retirement expectations and projections, usually spreadsheets, calculators and frightening rules of thumb immediately come to mind. Preparing to retire can be an exciting time; it’s a chance to look forward to having more time for hobbies, leisure, travel, or getting involved within your community. On the other hand, it can also be a time of great uncertainty.


Relocation Basics & Downsizing Tips - Deciding to relocate a senior to a retirement home can be a monumental decision and can involve an tremendous drain on relationships and one's own emotional well-being.


Which Retirement Home would you choose for your parent? - Retirement Residences differ greatly across so many dimensions including environment, amenities, services & care and; every person's needs and desires are unique. What one person might think is the perfect home, another might not. It is imperative that the family/caregiver (and if physically possible, the person themselves) assess their needs, shop around and compare what is available.


Seniors Housing

Innovative Seniors' Housing Options - We know that the number of seniors is growing to previously unseen proportions and, as a result, there will be a need to develop many different kinds of housing solutions that will meet the needs of many with different budgets and care needs, while allowing people to remain active and independent for as long as possible.



Active Living Coalition for Older Adults

Active Living Tip Sheets from ALCOA

Exercise for Your Heart's Sake: It's Never Too Late
Issue Number 1 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Aerobic Fitness for Older Adults
Issue Number 2 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Brain Fitness: As Important as Body Fitness
Issue Number 3 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

The Power of Strength Training for Older Adults
Issue Number 4 - October 2011 (PDF Format)


As Seen on TV

Video Excerpts from an interview with Esther on “Seniors Talk with Sgt. John” – originally aired July 4. 2012 on Rogers Durham TV.

Esther discusses Visiting Tips

Esther discusses Care Options & Relocation

Retirement Home & Long-Term Care Visiting Tips - download a PDF document that is an excerpt of the 2015 Guide to Retirement Living. This article details how to find "the best" home and contains 200 questions to consider and ask when touring retirement residences and 100 questions to ask when touring long-term care homes. Cost is $5.00 per download.

Emergency File & Information - Are you a caregiver for someone? In an emergency would you be able to access important health and financial information about them? Do you know the kind of information you might be required to have? If you aren't a caregiver, do your loved ones know where your important documents are in the event of an emergency? This useful document can assist individuals & caregivers organize important relevant health and financial information for you or someone you are caring for. A concise chart prepared by a long-time social worker, there is a place for all important information any caregivers might require.

Care Options for Seniors in Ontario - download a PDF document that is an excerpt of our annual Guide. The information in the PDF details the different care options available to seniors, how to discuss the need for care, and other important information for those beginning to search. It is a companion PDF to Visiting Tips. It does not contain information on specific homes or questions while touring homes (see Visiting Tips for a list of Questions to review while touring). Cost is $5.00 per download.


WHAT NEXT? Navigating Later Life Transitions
PDF Version Only - $7.00

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