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4 Tips for Traveling with Seniors - It was supposed to be a long overdue girls' getaway. I invited my mom on a four-day cruise through the Caribbean with me because it would be fun. My mom was a young 67-year-old and we would bond over cocktails, and beach days, and silly cruise ship games. Unfortunately, my expectations didn’t quite match up to the reality of my physically challenged, diabetic mother. I quickly discovered that traveling with seniors requires a whole arsenal of preparations that have nothing to do with TSA regulations. Read more: Travel Pulse - Category: Travel
Cayo: Author fumes over boomer benefits - Don't expect much in the way of nuance from Generation Screwed, a new book about how government policies crafted to suit baby boomers are sticking it to today's youngsters, the millennial generation. Read more: Leader's Post - Category: Residences
Delayed Retirement Could Increase Inequalities Among Seniors - Raising the age of eligibility for the Old Age Security pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement will increase inequalities between older people. “This change will force retired people into greater dependence on their private savings to support them as they get older. Research shows that greater privatisation of the retirement income system results in growing inequalities among the older population. When you raise the pension eligibility age, you are also opening the door to rising disparities” according to demographer Yves Carrière, of the University of Montreal, who presented, last week in Ottawa, a report on this topic to the Population Change and Life-course Strategic Knowledge Cluster meeting. Read more: Newswise - Category: Retirement Concerns
Retirement home fees of $1K per month continue after seniors die or move out - Retirement Concepts, a large company that runs private seniors' residences, is under fire from relatives forced to pay $1,000 monthly fees long after their loved ones have died or moved out. Read more: CBC Canada - Category: Retirement Concerns
Stephen Gordon: The challenge of an aging population in Quebec, and Canada - It’s budget season, and next month’s federal budget (whenever that might be) will be the focus of attention. But the budget being presented this Thursday in Quebec City looks to be more interesting and may even serve as a template for other Canadian governments in the near and medium term. Read more: National Post - Category: Residences
Why It's So Hard To Say 'Old' Without Cringing - Age is in the air -- and most people don't like it, though some try to pretend otherwise. It's easy when it's on screen, like the two successful and charming "Best Marigold Hotel" feel-good movies that are tinted with vibrant and forgiving colors that block out the cruel march of time. Who wouldn't love the sprightly British great gray-heads like Judi Dench and company? Read more: Huffington Post - Category: Wellness
AGE 55 PERKS AND BENEFITS - Most Baby Boomers who have already reached the benchmark of 55 years of age are not yet aware of the myriad of age 55 perks they can take advantage of. Read more: Boomer Places - Category: Residences
Canadians have lots of retirement savings options - Canadians have access to a pretty broad range of options when it comes to putting away money for their retirement. Read more: Brandon Sun - Category: Retirement Concerns
Grandma's playlist: Unconventional songs for my sweeties - When my husband and I planned our wedding thirty-three years ago, settling on our wedding song was a no-brainer: “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin it simply had to be. Read more: Grandma's Briefs - Category: Residences
Retirement homes: 5 things to ask before the big move - Prospective residents of retirement home units can manage to avoid troublesome surprises by taking the time to understand the fine print of their multipage contracts. Read more: CBC Canada - Category: Retirement Concerns

All Things Senior is Canada Wide!

Building on our already popular Ontario annual publication the "Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®", our online directory includes a National database of resource information for Canadian seniors including  retirement homes, nursing homes, seniors' apartment buildings and many in-home goods and services directed at seniors looking to downsize or stay in their own homes.

Try out "The Retirement Home Finder" to locate a home that can meet your specific needs or our Province-specific Resources for Seniors section to find out about a range of services available to seniors in your community. Our ever increasing Article Library offers a wealth of information on many topics related to resources, housing, financial information and a host of other topics.

Our new apps make finding a residence while you are 'on-the-go' as simple as a few clicks. With an easy link into Google Maps, get contact information and instant directions to assist you in navigating to a home of your choice. 

With our significant and growing database of resources for seniors in addition to our database of over 2400 retirement residences, more than 1500 nursing homes and a growing number of senior apartment buildings in Canada, is the most comprehensive source of information about services and housing for seniors in Canada.



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