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203 Hillcrest Blvd [Strathmore]
Calgary, AB
T1P 0A3
Contact: Debbie Wakelam
Map: Click Here

Highlights or unique features:

Meadowlark - is a private residence providing services ranging from Supportive Living to End of Life Care.

Your comfort & wellbeing are our top priority. Striving to create a home where life revolves around close and continuing contact with companion animals, plants & children, as well as concerned caregivers.

We are proud of the delicious home-made meals, snacks & baking provided. Fresh local produce is canned or frozen & preserves and pickles are made for year-round enjoyment. Recycling & composting is a part of our daily routine.

Meadowlark has adopted the Eden Alternative philosophy, which strives to eliminate loneliness, helplessness & boredom. We believe that to honour our residents we need to allow them to make decisions about their care whenever possible. The results, fewer residents with depression, decreased medication usage, & greater elder and caregiver satisfaction.

We think you will agree this is the lifestyle you have been looking for!






Retirement Home & Long-Term Care Visiting Tips - download a PDF document that is an excerpt of the 2017 Guide to Retirement Living. This article details how to find "the best" home and contains 250 questions to consider and ask when touring retirement residences and 125 questions to ask when touring long-term care homes. Cost is $5.00 per download.

Emergency File & Information - Are you a caregiver for someone? In an emergency would you be able to access important health and financial information about them? Do you know the kind of information you might be required to have? If you aren't a caregiver, do your loved ones know where your important documents are in the event of an emergency? This useful document can assist individuals & caregivers organize important relevant health and financial information for you or someone you are caring for. A concise chart prepared by a long-time social worker, there is a place for all important information any caregivers might require.

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