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Ottawa to consider voluntary Canada Pension Plan expansion, Joe Oliver says - The federal Conservatives announcement Tuesday, proposing a plan that would allow Canadians to opt in to an expanded Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), might just be the best compromise there is. Read more: Financial Post - Category: Residences
My Parents Moved to a Retirement Community – Then Moved Out - The decision to move into a retirement community is a huge one. And it’s not for everyone. Read more: Next Avenue - Category: Residences
On Retiring and Changing Jobs: "Leaving Well" As a Spiritual Exercise - This is the season in many people change jobs or retire. Some of those changes are governed by the academic calendar, some by the change in seasons, and some by tradition. There has been a great deal written on preparing for the work world and the challenge of navigating its demands, but far less has been written on leaving well and retiring. Read more: Huffington Post - Category: Retirement Concerns
12 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Super Old - The devil is in the details, right? It isn't just birthdays that remind us that time flies by. We find reminders in the small things each and every day. Here are 12 things that happened when we blinked: Read more: Huffington Post - Category: Wellness
Muskoka dementia advocates lobby at Queen’s Park - In the aftermath of a defeated national dementia strategy representatives from Ontario headed to Queen’s Park to speak their piece. Read more: Muskoka Region - Category: Residences
Independent Living Is a Top Priority Among Today's Seniors - Every day, roughly 10,000 members of the Baby Boomer generation -- those born between 1946 and 1964 -- reach the official retirement age of 65. Many will continue to enjoy a high level of physical and mental health and be better off in multiple aspects than preceding generations. But a growing number will suffer from steep decline and be plagued by debilitating illnesses, some of which could have been prevented in time. Read more: Huffington Post - Category: Retirement Concerns
Unshippable Launch: Aging parents fear crisis will force adult children far from community - "You're being shipped" are words thousands of Ontario families do not want their adult children with developmental disabilities to hear, ever, when it comes to where they will live. It's the focus of Unshippable Week, May 25 – 30 as families and supporters raise awareness of the need for choice, including individual funding for housing supports. Read more: Newswire - Category: Residences
Michael Caine talks aging, being known as ‘Batman’s butler’ - Michael Caine was in top form at a Cannes Film Festival press conference for his latest film, Youth, by Paolo Sorrentino – and had journalists in fits of laughter with his witty responses. Here are some of the highlights: Read more: Global News Canada - Category: Residences
Sudbury company helps aging population downsize - Downsizing or moving into a smaller home or a long-term care home is something people don't like to think about, but a Sudbury based company is hoping to help seniors and their families with the transition. Read more: CBC Canada - Category: Residences
Member of the silent generation speaks out - Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, just before I start preparing supper, I log onto the Internet and read the guest columns in the Times. Read more: Cambridge Times - Category: Residences

All Things Senior is Canada Wide!

Building on our already popular Ontario annual publication the "Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®", our online directory includes a National database of resource information for Canadian seniors including  retirement homes, nursing homes, seniors' apartment buildings and many in-home goods and services directed at seniors looking to downsize or stay in their own homes.

Try out "The Retirement Home Finder" to locate a home that can meet your specific needs or our Province-specific Resources for Seniors section to find out about a range of services available to seniors in your community. Our ever increasing Article Library offers a wealth of information on many topics related to resources, housing, financial information and a host of other topics.

Our new apps make finding a residence while you are 'on-the-go' as simple as a few clicks. With an easy link into Google Maps, get contact information and instant directions to assist you in navigating to a home of your choice. 

With our significant and growing database of resources for seniors in addition to our database of over 2400 retirement residences, more than 1500 nursing homes and a growing number of senior apartment buildings in Canada, is the most comprehensive source of information about services and housing for seniors in Canada.



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