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Letting Go Is Hard To Do - "You mean he's still doing that? After all these years?" Read more: Huffington Post
Preparation Can be Life Saving – Get Seniors Ready Before the Storm - Family caregivers worry about those things that could potentially affect their senior loved ones and are always on high alert for one to happen. Read more: Senior Care Corner
Seniors looking out for seniors - A group of local seniors had giving on their mind this holiday season. Through the Amica Helping Hands Community Program, residents at Quinte Gardens in Belleville have been giving to others and spreading some cheer for seniors who are less fortunate. Read more: Intelligencer Canada
Bill Sleeper, 1915-2014: Our 99-year-old ‘Geek of the Week’ gave seniors the power of technology - Bill Sleeper, a wise-cracking and whip-smart retired electrical engineer, who inspired younger generations with his enthusiasm for technology and opened the eyes of his peers to the wonders of smartphones, has died at the age of 99. Read more: GeekWire
Seniors and the Holidays - It’s that wonderful time of year when families get together to celebrate the holidays. But despite all the joy and festivities, across the country, many seniors are alone during the holidays. Some are in assisted living facilities, while others live miles from their children and grandchildren. And even those who are invited to their family’s holiday gathering may feel disconnected, as younger generations run about the house sending text messages to Santa and snapchatting with friends on their smartphones. YMCA of the Suncoast has a few ideas to help you include seniors in your holiday plans and make them comfortable in your home. Read more: YMCA of the Suncoast
Snowbird Living: The Heat Is On - After the harsh, never-ending winter we experienced this past year, I suspect many more of us than usual are considering spending time in the U.S. Sunbelt in the coming months. Florida, Arizona, California and Hawaii look pretty enticing when the snow is flying and the winds are howling in Canada. Read more: Everything Zoomer
Don’t rush to reach for liquid nutritional supplements for elders - When you notice that your elder parent, grandparent or loved one is starting to look frail or thin, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Often we think of nutritional health and start planning to add calories and protein to the diet. A common quick and easy solution is to buy liquid nutritional supplements such as Boost or Ensure. But are these the answer? Read more: The Globe and Mail
How To Be A Jewish Boomer And Still Celebrate Christmas - Jews throughout history have devised clever ways to horn in on the Christmas holiday. They have, like Life in the Boomer Lane, married non-Jews. They have created their own traditions which usually involve going to the movies and/or eating Chinese food. They get trees and festoon them with blue ornaments and call them Hanukkah bushes. Some without a sense of humor have spent the holiday informing everyone that Jesus was Jewish, a fact that runs second to the disappearance of the Amazon rainforest as something that people actually care about. Read more: Huffington Post
Seniors Are Formidable Movie-Going Force - Hollywood seems to be obsessed with the younger moviegoer, as witnessed by the dominance of superheroes, animated features and action flicks at the local cineplex. However, with consumers in the 50+ age bracket accounting for nearly one-quarter of all movie tickets sold in the United States, it makes sense for motion picture studios to put effort into producing fare that appeals to an older audience. Read more: Our Parents
Ipswich adventurists prove you're never too old to travel - A passion for travel never goes away. Take it from retired Ipswich couple Trevor and Anne Baxter - in the past 30 years they've visited 60 countries. Read more: The Queensland Times

All Things Senior Archive is Canada Wide!

Building on our already popular Ontario annual publication the "Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living and Long Term Care®", our online directory includes a National database of resource information for Canadian seniors including  retirement homes, nursing homes, seniors' apartment buildings and many in-home goods and services directed at seniors looking to downsize or stay in their own homes.

Try out "The Retirement Home Finder" to locate a home that can meet your specific needs or our Province-specific Resources for Seniors section to find out about a range of services available to seniors in your community. Our ever increasing Article Library offers a wealth of information on many topics related to resources, housing, financial information and a host of other topics.

Our new apps make finding a residence while you are 'on-the-go' as simple as a few clicks. With an easy link into Google Maps, get contact information and instant directions to assist you in navigating to a home of your choice. 

With our significant and growing database of resources for seniors in addition to our database of over 2400 retirement residences, more than 1500 nursing homes and a growing number of senior apartment buildings in Canada, is the most comprehensive source of information about services and housing for seniors in Canada.



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